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Often times, the little signers in my SignShine classes come with their moms. Dads and grandparents are always welcome to come, as well, even if it is for a one-time visit. Many family members have stopped by for a class while visiting from out of town. They always have so much fun and it’s a great way to bond with their little loved ones and also to learn about signing.

Another important person in many families is the caregiver/nanny. In our classes we sometimes have moms bring their nannies with them and some nannies come on their own with the little ones while the parents are at work. It is amazing to see the special bond created between the child and the nanny.

Harmonie, 17 months old, came regularly to our classes with his nanny, Dawn:
“I am a nanny for 17 month old Harmonie since she was 3 months old. She is a very bright child. As soon as I started using the basic signs, Harmonie started copying me straight away. Her favorite sign is more. She uses it all the time, ‘more breakfast’, ‘more drink’, ‘more food’, she even combines the signs. We use the eat sign for food and she signs ‘more food’.
Harmonies’ mommy works. Today said ‘mommy is coming home soon’, and she said and signed to me mommy. I was so proud of her that she had used her sign and not only her language, and she understood what I was saying. When Harmonie’s mommy came home she was thrilled!
Thank you for your great advice, I'm so glad we stuck with it. It's had a positive impact, helping us bond and have fun together.”

Dawn M., Los Angeles, CA

Caregivers create their own unique relationship with the children they take care of, and learning sign language together helps to strengthen that bond. In addition, the child benefits greatly when everyone in their world is signing with them. This is the magic of repetition. Just as you would see with a child learning a foreign language, the more interactions they have with the new language – in this case sign language – the faster they will pick it up and the more extensive their signing vocabulary will be.

After many requests from nannies, caregivers, and parents alike, we are now offering a special workshop. SignShine will be partnering with Nurture & Nanny ( to host a Nanny Sign Language Workshop. I encourage you to send your nanny and your child for this wonderful shared experience.

Remember, when it comes to signing – the more the merrier!