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Communication is the essential skill to live in our world. It is the most important tool to your success as a parent or a teacher. Why do wait for communicating with your child until she/ he can speak? Develop these skills and open a window to your preverbal child’s thoughts and strength your relationship with your child. This is a lifelong gift you can impart to your child and your family.

Babies typically say a few important words such as “Mama” or “Dada” between six and twelve months of age. By the time they’re two, most children have developed a small working vocabulary and can begin to express themselves more clearly.

Success is the key for any type of learning. In order to teach our children the importance of learning we need to let them feel the power of success.

Before they’re able to develop the fine motor skills necessary for speech, babies are able to understand much of what’s said to them – and they’re able to respond clearly if given the right tool: baby sign language.

American Sign Language (ASL) classes can help you open a window to your pre-verbal child’s thoughts. Sign language can strengthen family communications and improve relationships between siblings. Plus, it’s fun, rewarding, and easy! Click here to learn more about our classes and workshops.

Discovering and sharing the excitement of language is magical. To see the light in the eyes of a baby and her parents when they’re suddenly communicating is truly a wonder.” --Etel Leit